Special Products


The technical datasheet for special products is available on request via email: info@sino-aluminas.co.uk  





Fumed Alumina (AI2O3)

  • Positive surface charge
  • High specific surface area
  •  High purity, low bulk density
  • Ultra-fine powder with good dispersibility
  •  High thermal and chemical stability at high temperatures

  • Paint and Coatings: used as free-flowing agent in paint & coatings, thixotropic agent in liquid paints, and for high temperature resistant in coatings.
  • Li-ion Batteries: ceramic coating for separators in Li-ion Batteries
  • Composite materials: As filler for controlling density, heat conductivity and dielectric characteristics
  • Paper: Provide high gloss and good printing quality.

High Purity Alumina (HPA)

  • High purity (99.99% and 99.999%)
  • Gamma-phase and Alpha-phase

Raw material for producing fluorescent powder, long afterglow phosphors, long crystal sapphire substrates in LED lighting applications

Ceramic Coating for Li-ion Battery

  • Improve separator thermal stability, enhance battery safety and lifespan
  • Low hardness and good dispersibility and stability

  • Ceramic coating for separators in Li-ion Battery
  • Li-ion Battery electrical coating
  • Cathode material coating and doping

Thermal Conductive Alumina (spherical alumina)

  • Optimized particle size distribution
  • High filler loads
  • High flame retardancy
  • Good thermal conductivity (isotropic)
  • Improved thermal conductivity & electrical insulating simultaneously
  • Chemically inert and good mechanical property

  • Used to increase the thermal conductivity of polymer
  • Thermal interface material (TIM) thermal plastics, thermal clads in electronic products,
  • Thermal conductivity filler in EMC, CCL etc.
  • Adhesive and gap filler in lithium-ion battery packs

Fine Polishing Alumina

  • Water-soluble and easily dispersible, particles have good dispersibility and suspensibility.
  • Crystal phase is stable, and hardness can be adjusted according to BET
  • Superior surface finish
  • High grinding efficiency

  • Used for the final polishing of and other materials.
  • These products are intended to polish various surface to get a highly reflective mirror finish, including automotive body surface, resin lens, stone/gemstones, marble surfaces, glass, high-grade furniture paint polishing.
  • Widely used as polishing compounds in surface finishing solutions

High Purity Boehmite

(AI2O3. nH2O, where n<3)

  • High purity (99.99%)
  • Large pore volume with uniform size distribution
  • Soluble to acid
  • Good flowability and molding performance

A wide range of applications

High Purity Aluminium Hydroxide

(AI2O3. 3H2O)

  • Prepared by hydrolysis method
  • High purity, stable particle size, good dispersibility
  • Soluble in dilute acid such as hydrochloric acid


  • Excellent raw material for preparation of high purity alumina,
  • Advanced materials for petrochemical catalysts, gems, and optical glass etc.
  • Active pharmaceutical ingredient for gastric acid medicines.