Activated alumina


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Product Name

Product Code

Main Application

rho-Al2O3 Powder


Raw material for activated alumina balls and catalyst carrier.

Activated alumina desiccant


Strong moisture absorption used for drying liquid and gas phase in electronic industry, control instrument and petrochemical industries.

Activated alumina de-fluoride agent


For water treatment to remove the excess fluoride and arsenic in the water.

Activated alumina dechlorination agent


Used to adsorb hydrogen chloride and sulphide in petrochemical industry. Also used to purify gases.

Activated alumina sulfur recovery catalyst


Sulphur recovery units in petrochemical and other industry.

Polyethylene Resin Cleaning agent


Used for the production process of Polyethylene Resin.

Wide temperature sulfur-resistant catalyst carrier


Used to improve the production efficiency of nitrogenous fertilizer production.

Catalyst carrier with Low sodium


Used in in petrochemical industry.

Activated Alumina Catalyst Carrier


Widely used in the petrochemical industry.

Additive modified activated Alumina


According to requirements, specific additives are added to the product.