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Sino-Aluminas Ltd is a UK company, specialising in wholesale of the following categories of chemicals, covering more than 100 varieties of different products with a wide range of applications:

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  • Alumina: Ceramics, ceramic glazing, advanced refractory materials, abrasive tools, cutting tools, grinding and polishing, ion conductor in chemical battery, high frequency electric insulation porcelain, additives in paper, cement, glass to improve property. Raw material for glass fibre.
  • Aluminium Hydroxide: Flame retardant and smoke suppressant additives in polymers, cable, rubber, paper, coating, foam insulation, mould plastics, additives in PVC products. Raw material for artificial solid surface such as cultured marble and granite. Fillers in glass and building materials. Used as ATH filler in BMC/SMC molding applications.
  • Activated Alumina: Adsorption for drying, cleaning, separation and purification of gas, water treatment, defluoridation/dechlorination agent, desiccant and adsorbent.
  • Zeolite: Laundry detergent, molecular sieves powder


Small samples can be provided to potential buyers for testing before placing orders.  Chemicals are  REACH registered.

We always look for opportunities to increase our presence overseas. If you know the local market well and are interested in becoming a distributor or wholesaler in your country for alumina chemicals, then please get in touch.


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Special Advanced Products Applications:

  • Fumed Alumina:  used as free flowing agent in paint & coatings, thixotropic agent in liquid paints, and for high temperature resistant in coatings.
  • Special Alumina: used as ceramic coating for separators and anode of lithium-ion battery.
  •  Thermal Conductive Alumina:  also know as spherical alumina, used as thermal interface material, thermal plastics, thermal clads in electronic products, thermal conductivity filler in EMC, CCL etc.
  • High purity Alumina (HPA) (alpha & gamma phase): used for producing fluorescent powder, long afterglow phosphors, long crystal sapphire substrates in LED lighting applications.
  • Fine Polishing Alumina: these products are intended to polish various surface to get a highly reflective mirror finish, including automotive body surface, resin lens, stone/gemstones, marble surfaces, glass, high-grade furniture paint polishing. Widely used as polishing compounds in surface finishing solutions.